Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ulefone Power 3 support upgrade to Android 8.1

Fragmentation is described as the disease for the Android system, for the upgrade is controlled by the manufacturer and network carrier instead of Google. In addition, the SoC manufacturer sometimes will put off the release of the update files in order to support the new machine going to release or just do not update it. It is fiercer among the small manufacturers with poor resources several years ago. But there is many changes that most people are using the Android OS without any modification, and Google import the Project Treble through the Android Oreo to achieve the aim of making the update process more convenience.

Therefore, Ulefone always commits to ongoing the after-sale service and is preparing the upgrade of the big battery model—Ulefone Power 3 to the Android 8.1 Oreo. In fact, everything is ready, but they are waiting for the GSM certificate from Google. Meanwhile, you can download the newest version without the certificate, which is not very stable, in the official Blog. But if I were you, I would wait for a few days for the perfect version. And except all the new features, Oreo's updates should also bring more mobility and better power management that once it appears, there is much need to test.

The Power 3 is equipped with a 6080mAh battery and a modern 6-inch 18:9 FHD+ full-screen that is the same of the Ulefone Power 3S with the help of 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM combination. If you look for a bigger battery capacity, check out the latest release of Ulefone Power 5 with 13000mAh battery on Ulefoneshop. For more information, click at here:   .

Source: Ulefone Mobile

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