Friday, May 17, 2013

ThL becomes the object of Chinese smart phone to follow

China's growing demand for intelligent machines, intelligent machines has become increasingly fierce market competition. The market has been optimistic about the Chinese brands cutting-edge - THL smart phone, inventive, in the fierce competition in the market through its own marketing the new model in the market quickly break through and become the object of many mobile phone manufacturers in the industry to emulate.

THL smartphone standing at a new height, uphold the "direct, really none other users" marketing concept, creating a "direct experience store-based sales network of direct sales and other models combined experience plus experience" innovation model become a new marketing model of the mobile Internet era. Officially this new marketing model, so that THL W7、THL W8 and THL W100 several phone market, the majority of consumers.

The advantage of this innovative model: the ability for users to remove the intermediate dealer layers increases, the products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, the real profit to the user. At the same time, the direct experience store, allowing users to all-round, multi-angle experience products bring happiness, but also be able to enjoy high-quality after-sales service in the country.

THL smartphone has nearly 400 line brand experience stores, THL smartphone future will continue to stand in a new height, accelerate channel development and building a more three-dimensional marketing strategy system. THL also vigorously develop new models, recently there is a support for the Mobile TD network standard the THL T1 online exposure, and soon after to meet with you.

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