Monday, June 10, 2013

ZOPO ZP950 large-screen phone the best choice

ZOPO ZP950 with straight-touch design, gives a feeling that a large, 5.7-inch capacitive touch screen counted on a small plate, and sleek lines with white design, let the phone all show a trend atmospheric atmosphere. The 5.7 inches screen size bigger than now ZOPO C2 on the lap.

Big screen, of course, the screen resolution must also be improved, the machine screen resolution of 1280 * 720 pixels, the display is crisp and clear. Lined up in the top of the screen is the earpiece, front camera, light sensor, proximity sensor. Bottom of the screen can only see one entity HOME button, and the screen will have the operation is available within the virtual keys. However, large-screen virtual buttons left part of some less than normal, so the smaller buttons below the screen, the operation is not so smoothly.

Back of the phone and not too much design, piano paint materials makes the phone back shell is much more elegant, with white appearance complement each other, the more light. Back of a black area is the phone's camera, with 800W pixels and is equipped with fill light, camera works fine. On the back of the bottom is ZOPO logo mark and the phone's speaker.

ZOPO ZP950 four sides of the fuselage with a ring similar to brushed stainless steel side of the border, has a relatively good metal texture. The top is provided with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the right with the phone switch lock screen button and volume buttons, plus a recess for opening the back cover. The right side of the phone and no buttons and socket design, the bottom of the phone is the Micro USB interface and a microphone hole.

Systems, ZOPO ZP950 operating system based on Android 4.1.2, and have not done other customized decency, retained the native system interface and Google frameworks and services. Phone use interface and icon area are very smooth, unlock interface added Google search shortcut down the notification bar has also joined the shortcut keys, more convenient to use.

And thanks to dual-core processor, mobile high-definition video or mention, 720 video player to shoot or no pressure. Although the phone can also play 1080P video, but due to the larger 1080P video files are not suitable in the phone memory. Even using the 32GB memory card is also enough about movies into two files, so not suitable for mobile phone users to watch

ZOPO ZP950 and ZOPO ZP950+ are based on the 8.0MP rear camera, with 16 high-speed continuous shooting, 270-degree wide-angle shot, HDR high dynamic range rendering, and many other features. Has a good shooting, handy for the usual pat is good. Photo proofs through indoor objects can be seen photos show is very detailed.

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