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ThL W7 Review

The trend of mobile network accelerates the soaring development of smart phones and the hardware competition contributes to the increasingly powerful function of the smart phones, among which stands out the 5.7-inch ThL W7 quad-core smart phone, which is installed the quad-core processor with1.2GHz main frequency, 800W pixel display camera at the price of 277 bucks, which is of high quality and low price. Then the review of ThL W7 shall be presented.
On unpacking the box, “largeness” is the first impression of the phone for its 5.7-inch large screen is still impressive.

Moreover, the workmanship and material are quite professional, which is held quite comfortable.

866270                                  (the frontage picture of ThL W7 phone)
ThL W7 quad-core phone is equipped with 5.7-inch large IPS capacitive touch screen with 1280×720 pixel display, which can provide the excellent display effect and sensitive touch effect and can offer amazing visual impression whether you enjoy movies or browse the webpages and that’s the very advantage of the HD large screen.
                                   (the front-facing camera of the ThL W7 phone)
On the upper side a 320W front-facing camera is adopted, which can bring nice effect whilst you take pictures of yourself or have video chatting. Next to the camera lies the light sensor, which can adjust the screen light intensity automatically based on the varying luminance to ensure that the perfect luminance can be maintained. A pilot light is designed on the rightmost place and will inform the user whenever the charging or calling occurs with the automatic lighting.
866262                                     (the system key of the ThL W7 phone)
Three system keys are designed, which are setting key, Home key and return key from left to right. The Home key is the entity key, which is gilt with metal decoration in size of rectangle with round corners,and the comprehensive texture is elevated. The other two keys are virtual, which will be lighted no matter when they are awakened. They are good-looking as well as practical.
866265                                        (the picture of the lateral side)
ThL W7 quad-core smart phone is 10.2mm thick. Though it is not thin, it will touch more comfortable with such a large panel. The lateral side is the metal edging, which not only increases its comprehensive metal texture, but also makes the gadget more solid.
ThL W7 quad-core smart phone adopts the engineering plastic back cover processed with piano coating, which seems quite good-looking and fashionable. The polished surface touches quite delicate and smooth, which is held quite marvelous.
866301                                          (the piano coating back cover)
A 800W pixel display backlight camera is pre-installed on the back side of ThL W7 quad-core phone with LED flashlight, which can even take ideal photos in the condition of lackluster. The detailed review of the camera shall be introduced later.
866304                                             (800W pixel display camera)
866305                                                  (the loudspeaker)
Its loudspeaker is designed on the left low side, which may seem inconspicuous, the voice is quite loud and the effect is really nice.
866303                                                     (the power key)
The power key and volume key are designed respectively on the right and left side, which is just located on the position of thumb and medius when held with one hand, which is convenient.
The Android 4.2OS is adopted and optimized on the basis. The interface is better-looking and the application experience is much better.
                  (the unlocking and the main interfaces)
Four-dimensional unlocking model is used in the unlocking interface, and the users can enter the applications of camera,SMS, dialing and the main interface directly, which saves operation procedures.
(the pulling-down interface and the interface of shortcut setting)
Improvement has been made in the pulling-down notification bar. The shortcut keys that are frequently used are assembled on the interface of shortcut setting interface and deep integration has also been made in regular settings such as WLAN setting, Bluetooth, flow statistics and so on. Intelligentization can be materialized.
The detailed introduction to the pulling-down notification shall be presented then.
(the interface of main programs and the widget)
The regular programs such as Sina microblogs, QQ, Taobao, alipay and so on are pre-installed, and it saves a lot of problems caused by downloading. As to the plug-in interface, dozens of desktop interfaces are also provided, which can help beautify the desktop, which is convenient as well.
The WLAN setting of the phone ought not to be foreign to consumers. When it is used for the first time, providing that WLAN is to be operated, the “WLAN” option shall be found in the “Settings” and the corresponding account shall be added. As for ThL W7, these procedures can be simplified by pressing the “WLAN” key in notification bar for 2 seconds and then the system will turn to the interface of “WLAN setting”. The inconspicuous change bring lots of convenience for those who are fond of browsing the webpages.
                                         (the WLAN setting)
Bluetooth setting is also frequently set in the shortcut setting. For other phones, it’s quite complex to enter the setting interface in order to process the Bluetooth function while ThL W7 can be realize it via pressing the Bluetooth key in the shortcut bar for 2 seconds, which is much more efficient and convenient.
                  (the setting of bluetooth and light intensity)
The problem of consuming too much flow by Android phones is also universally paid attention to. In daily life, the flow is subconsciously overdrawn, which is taken consideration by ThL smart phones, thus, the function of flow statistics is integrated in the shortcut setting bar. It can provide the information of the daily consumed flow as well as the gross flow per week of SIM card and WLAN, which can help prevent the software with virus. Besides, a flow monitoring c hart will be drawn, which will inform the user of the flow in overdraft, which is quite considerate.
It will turn to the main interface automatically by clicking upon the shortcut key of light setting and then the light adjustment slider. Then the users can slide the slider horizontally to contribute to the optimal light. Besides, the light intensity can be also selected to your content, which is more convenient.
                     (the administration of flow statistics)
“Situational model” is also the shortcut setting function which is frequently designed. While the situational models of other phones can only select the pre-installed situation models via shortcut keys, the “situational model” in the notification bar shall be pressed for 2 seconds for ThL W7, then system will turn to the setting interface, in which four regular situational models are preinstalled and the users can choose it to their need.
                          (the setting of situational model)
It can be observed from the trifling change that ThL has gradually come out of the cycle of monotonous hardware competition and paid more attention to the actual need of the users, which is to provide the products that are really catering to the needs of the consumers.
ThL W7 is equipped with MT6589 quad-core processor with 1.2 GHz main frequency, PowerVR SGX544 and 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM or 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM collocations, which is in the mainstream level. Besides, the processor also adopts the low energy-consuming A7 framework and most advanced 28nm technology. Apart from these elements, the regular sensors such as gravity sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor and acceleration sensor contributes to better functions, which shall be tested then.

                                   (the collocation chart)
From the result of Antutu score, 12774 points can reach the mainstream level, which is quite nice, then we shall its other performances.
866314                                  (1080p HD videos are played in smoothness.)
866313                         (browsing the webpage on the large screen)
866325                                    (the hot game is played very smoothly)
866327                                           (the game of Fruit Ninja)
In the game testing, due to the powerful functions such as quad-core processor as well as Power SGX 544 GPU, the games such as the Fish Lord or Fruit Ninja can be processed quite fluently. Moreover, it also play HD videos very smoothly.
A 800W pixel display backlight camera is installed on the back of ThL W7 with LED light supplement lamp, which ensures the good performance both in good and weak light intensity. Besides, its shooting functions are quite various, including panorama shooting, HDR, facial beautifying and so on.
866304                                              (800W pixel display camera)
 Though the pixel display reaches the mainstream level and the shooting functions are various, what about its actual shooting performance? We shall see the test.
                                            (outdoor sample picture)
                                                  (100% screenshots)
From the sample pictures we can know that it has nice performance in the condition of good light. The color deduction is excellent and the detail is also good. Therefore, the gross effect is satisfactory. Then we shall share the sample pictures.
866382                                        (the flower sample picture)
866377                                          (the indoor sample picture)
The endurance ability is also universally concentrated upon. As ThL W7 quad-core phone is equipped with 5.7-inch HD screen and quad-core processor, the power consumption shall be focused upon. Thus, it’s armed with 2300mAh battery. In the actual applications, the endurance ability is nice and it can last for one day in normal.
866389                                                 (2300mAh battery)
ThL W7 quad-core phone adopts dual-card standby and supports GSM 2G network and WCDMA 3G. besides, it also supports expansion of memory card, which reaches 32GB to the maximum extent.
                                              (W+G dual-card standby)
866396                         (ThL W7 quad-core smart phone)
  By applications the workmanship, touch feeling, and the system fluency of ThL W7 are satisfactory. What leaves a deep impression is the 5.7-inch ultra-large screen, which is enjoyable both in surfing the Internet and watching movies. Moreover, it is capable of dealing with the present mainstream applications, including the large-scale games and 1080p HD videos. To sum up, ThL W7 quad-core smart phone is of quite high quality and low price, which sells for only 277 bucks.

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