Tuesday, September 17, 2013

UMI CROSS 6.44 inch large screen phones to be released

UMI phone has a huge screen smartphone called UMI CROSS, the aircraft will be built the same cloud OS, the new machine has been officially released a few days ago, the name replaced by a more domineering UMI CROSS, previously unannounced core configuration delay information and finally with the release announced.

The phone has a lot of rumors before gradually spread, including some partial close-up of the real machine spy photos, UMI CROSS-shaped with a recipe straight body, supplemented by a small curvature of the corner design, the screen ratio of upper and lower ends of the space coordination, there is the classic version of the former black white color, on the back there is a beautiful snowflake-like texture, the whole looks more tough than UMI X2 generous. Currently aircraft measurements information has surfaced, UMI CROSS aspect are 172 mm and 90 mm, thickness compared to the force, only 8.96mm, less than 9 mm body believe it will bring a good feeling.

And earlier products, like, CROSS MTK program uses the same processor as the MTK MT6589T 1.5GHz quad-core, memory specifications for 2G RAM +32 G ROM combination. As cross-border products, UMI CROSS phone's screen size to 6.44 inches, with a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, and the use of low temperature polysilicon LTPS + OGS full lamination technology, and a front 8.0MP + dual rear 13MP camera Sony stacked, the main camera for the F2.2 aperture, the battery capacity reaches 4180 mm, is currently 6.44 inches products that have emerged in the highest battery capacity of a product.

Some characteristics of the place is that the machine uses a magnesium alloy frame and LDS antenna technology, and has a LED light breathing, built YAMAHA decoder chip. In addition CROSS also supports USB OTG and Hall switch, standard electromagnetic pen, gyroscope, electronic compass and other sensors are equipped.

UMI CROSS phone appearance, configuration and functions have to punctuate the Department, however regrettable, but has not yet announced the price, but the answer may have to wait until October 8 at the China Online Shopping Store will be announced.
Source: http://bicgate.blog.fc2.com/

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