Monday, September 16, 2013

Neken NX will be officially on sale Oct 8

Recently, many new products have adopted Ali cloud system, because the application is compatible with Android, Ali cloud phone also has many users attention. Neken phone's upcoming new product NX that is the next Bo Ali cloud phone an official who has been revealed neken NX will be officially on October 8 the first sale in the China Online Shopping Store.

From the appearance and configuration, etc. can be called NX as Neken N6 Ali cloud version, NX hardware specifications are the same as with the N6 is still MTK6589T +1 G RAM/16G ROM +5 Inch 1080P screen +5.0 MP/13.0MP cameras combined, the overall Specifications in the present situation is a more mainstream level. Appearance is also consistent with the N6, the former black white two colors tough shape regarded as a fashion product.

The difference is that NX will use the latest Ali cloud system was also carried out more optimization, known to join in the main camera head blue glass filter to improve picture quality and other improvements have yet to be announced.

N6 is listed first 16G low version is priced at 1,499 yuan, instead of Neken NX cloud OS may have a more Madden price, because the opportunity to participate in the latest session of the China mobile phone selection, NX can wait 10 blockbuster months.

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