Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jiayu mysterious phone 6 colors choose listed released at the end of October

Jiayu Mobile's highly anticipated new machine recently Jiayu G5 small size of the offering has been recently, and next week there may be a greater number of available activities, except this has a slim metal body and high-profile four- core machine, Jiayu also owns a mysterious upcoming models listed on the aircraft or named Jiayu G2Super, red rice phone will have a par value for money, but it will be released later this month, and now the mysterious new machine colorful cover photos have been published to the public.

Jiayu G4 classic black and white to the people left a deep impact, obviously this G2 Super essential surprising is G2 Super optional rear cover color is very rich, to Jiayu its products the most. The aircraft also beautiful blue, green, orange and yellow cover four colors optional, plus black and white, to a total of six kinds, the beauty of the girl who I believe will be more like it.

The appearance of the G2 Super and Jiayu G3 almost, G2 Super will use the 1.3GHz frequency MTK MT6582 main new four nuclear program, 1G RAM/4G ROM memory, equipment size of 4.3 -inch IPS screen, resolution up to 1280 * 720 Corning gorilla Glass 2 generations. Also owns the former 200W / 800W pixel after OV camera, standard 2200 mA battery, can support USB OTG, a magnetic sensor and a separate audio chip, metal frame.

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