Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cube TALK series of upcoming launch eight-core smartphone

Cube in this year's call products is very rich, in addition to more than 7 inches of 3G talk products, there are 5.5 inches of Smart phone market, this series of products to support the call belongs Cube TALK series, covering many different screen sizes. At MediaTek MT6592 really officially released shortly after the eight-core chip, Cube also revealed that the introduction of the eight-core products.

This new product and Cube TALK5H as is a smart phone products, if nothing else, then still under the TALK Talk series, announced earlier by the official product roadmap 3G talk shows, Cube is now listed on the 5.5/7.9 / 7 / 9 in four different sizes of products, only three specifications 6.5/9.7 and 10.1 calls are no products to market. Based on the above I can safely speculate that a product or a cell phone under Cube 6.5 inches large screen, which is the only one TALK series but did not have a cell phone screen size listed on the product.

In addition, this new machine will also have a thin thickness, the official said, " Only 4.49 mm thick", this may just be the thickness of the thinnest, the official emphasis on the thickness of the new machine is not difficult to guess maybe eight nuclear have slim body. As a platform, Cube TALK7 and Cube TALK9 equipped with two products lead MTK MT8312 and MT8389T two flat chips, the probability of new eight-core machine using MTK MT6592 will be great. Unfortunately, this product is not yet listed recently, need to wait until January 2014.

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