Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TCL idol X+ equipped MT6592 comprehensive performance more than Xiao dragons 800

Recent TCL Moible Phone a new flagship product- idol X+ exposure, idol X+ biggest bright spot is that it is equipped with the new MT6592 eight-core chip, TCL mobile phones will become MediaTek eight-core phone first to achieve volume shipments of mobile phone manufacturers, TCL idol X+ eight-core phone will also be the first mass market product. MediaTek MT6592 officially released eight-core processor conference, MT6592 eight-core processor Qualcomm launched to prove safety of high-end chip series, while TCL idol X+ also bound with high-end quad-core products launched a fierce battle.

Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 is representative of the high-end quad-core chip, equipped with a quad-core chip running security Bunny points in the 30000-33000 points, while the MT6592 security Bunny can run points to 35,000 points, the overall performance over Xiao Dragon 800. And in a multi- tasking, high-definition video, multimedia games, high-load operation stability, and overall heat better than other aspects MT6592 Xiaolong 800 series, it is learned that this product is an TCL idol X S950 upgraded version, TCL idol X+'s overall performance is very exciting, it will outperform the overall performance or powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series quad-core products.

In terms of GPU, MT6592 is using ARM Mali-450mp4, frequency of 700MHz. In addition MT6592 also supports full HD 1080p 30fps H.265 video decoding and Google VP9, and using MediaTek's first smart Clear Motion video frequency technology, the 15/24/30fps 60fps video playback automatically multiplier to enhance the visual experience. In addition, MT6592 also supports digital TV grades Mira Vision image processing technology, in terms of camera supports up to 1600W pixel camera.

MT6592 eight-core processor can support parallel multi-tasking, TCL idol X+ using the MT6592, you can run simultaneously in a number of different tasks on different cores can allocate processing power required for each application and task-based, intelligent. Meanwhile MT6592 as the eight-core processor capable of scheduling algorithms, and dynamic temperature control and power management technologies to optimize each core workload distribution, to achieve a balance of performance and power consumption.

Seen in this light, MediaTek is bound by virtue of the "eight core" battles smart phone chip market. China intelligent machines worldwide shipments accounted for 45%, of which 40% of the Chinese manufacturers will use a quad-core processor, eight-core processor ratio of 30 %. MediaTek continued to force four and eight-core chip, can firmly grasp half of the smartphone chip market, will occupy 20% of the tablet PC market. " MediaTek in smartphone market will play a more important role, but as an important part of MediaTek multicore strategy, MT6592 will not rewrite the 2014 emergence of market structure compelling, and equipped with MT6592's TCL idol X+ will in high-end mobile phones is also worth looking forward to.

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