Wednesday, November 20, 2013

TCL idol X+ Octa Core smartphone use network direct sales

The smart phone market is rapidly entering eight nuclear age. MTK on the 20th of this month released its first eight-core chip- MT6592, in close cooperation with MTK of TCL mobile phones will also soon launch its first eight-core chip MTK enabled mobile phone. The MTK mobile phone together with TCL also means eight-core phone coming era of mass.

This TCL new mobile phone named TCL idol X+, can be seen from the naming is selling the aircraft continued TCL idol X S950 product positioning. idol X is TCL mobile phones before the launch of a flagship product, it is to cool, thin, narrow frame, large screen people for breaking the traditional knowledge of industrial design, but also refresh the consumers and the industry on China smartphones understanding. TCL spread out from the eight nuclear spy photos can be seen, this new machine is still the big screen will continue idol X+ narrow border design, border thickness may also have a new breakthrough.

Earlier this year, a few days ago, Samsung officially launched at CES2013 Exynos 5 Octa world's first eight-core mobile processor, which proclaimed the birth of the nuclear age eight. Although the birth of eight-core for some time, but because of the high cost in the smart phone yet been widely used. For most consumers, the eight-core is still unattainable for. The MTK adding eight nuclear war, and work jointly released a new eight-core TCL new products, or eight-core phone will be closer to our lives.

All along, MTK always low prices, rich functionality to develop the China mobile phone market, it always bring us no small surprise, the era of dual-core and quad-core era MT6577 and MT6589 is a good proof. And the MTK6592 mass production, and eight-core mobile phone prices will pull consumers from high above an acceptable price online.

Thanks to low-cost strategy and MTK electricity supplier direct sales, this equipped 2GHz MT6592 eight core processor TCL idol X+ will continue TCL mobile phones cost advantage. The TCL mobile phones also in the product line depth, channel change, the hardware configuration and the user experience under the foot work, I believe this will be the launch of eight new nuclear further release of TCL in the smart phone market potential.

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