Thursday, November 28, 2013

UMI cross upcoming releases equipped with electromagnetic pen and hall holster

UMI mobile phone as a rising star in China's smart phone brand, to create the ultimate player-level phone for the idea in the minds of mobile gamers always have a good reputation. Recently launched flagship product-UMI cross is also a great emphasis on value for money and playability, previous exposure 3D printing, NFC, HIFI and other advanced technologies and configurations so that everyone shines, but recently the official to give a clear message, first UMI cross will be officially on sale December 1, equipped with Android 4.21 original ecological system, standard electromagnetic pen and triple Hall holster, priced at only 1,799 yuan, the consumer is very tempting.

UMI cross as a cross-border products, screen size is 6.44 inches, with 1920 * 1080 full hd resolution, pixel density of 342 pixels per inch, the pixel density higher than UMI X2 20 pixels, UMI cross show a very complete, exquisite, vivid effect. UMI cross the screen using the LTPS low-temperature polysilicon+ OGS laminating technology, under the strong light can reduce the reflective, the screen dies, the whole screen and the body.

UMI cross equipped MT6589Turbo quad-core processor, Cortex-A7 ultra-low-power architecture, chip power consumption is very low, with a 4180 mA battery capacity, allowing the use of more long-term, fully meet the daily needs. UMI cross with 2GB large memory on+32 GB internal storage space, effectively ensuring open files, programs, and smooth enough to run the big game, it supports up to 64GB expansion space!

UMI cross rear camera uses stacked 1300W pixels camera, by far the most top Sony ExmorRS series sensor, 5 precision lens group, a special blue glass can effectively filter infrared imaging quality natural, clear and delicate.

UMI Cross as a cross-border level smartphone gamers can fully meet the needs of various users in entertainment, business, operating experience, etc., so a launch by many consumers. The first version of the UMI cross Andrews will be officially on sale December 1, the number of twenty thousand units, like friends can not miss the opportunity!

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