Sunday, May 22, 2016

OnePlus 3 Price Revealed
If there is one thing OnePlus mobile flagships are known for, it’s charging measly prices for flagship specs, which at the end of the day form the impression of astronomical value. That’s of course until users really spend time with the devices and find that they actually are getting exactly what they paid for.

However, the cycle would repeat itself for the less shrewd among us when we people take a look at the OnePlus 3.

Obscenely low pricing paired with big numbers on the specs sheet always paint the picture that the grass is greener one OnePlus’ garden.

It is definitely going to get prospective Xiaomi Mi5 buyers distracted, at least for a while, if its reported price of $310 turns out to be true.

The Nexus sub-flagship which has a sticker price of $380 often comes with great deals today, but even after the standard $50 discount it still is pricier than the new OnePlus flagship. At $370, the Xiaomi Mi5 costs as much as the original OnePlus 2 (3GB RAM model).
Source: GizOK

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