Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HTC to launch more Windows Phone models this year

While saying that its Windows Phone 8 models to date have indeed been disappointing, Taiwan based HTC says that it has a "good collaboration with Microsoft for a future release this year," according to Tai Ito, HTC's vice president for Global Product Planning. There are no plans for a larger screened Windows Phone model similar to the HTC Titan, which was a 4.7 inch model it released in 2011. While more phones powered by Microsoft's mobile OS is a strong possibility later this year, HTC seems happy enough to focus right now on its newly announced flagship model, the Android mobile phone powered HTC One.

HTC's problem is that whatever it does, it faces tough competition. There is Nokia staring at it in the Windows Phone arena and Samsung in the Android market. It is in the latter space where HTC seemed to have revitalized itself with the launch of the HTC DROID DNA/HTC Butterfly and the unveiling of the upcoming HTC One, with an industry leading 468ppi pixel density.   www.bicgate.com is one of the best websites to purchase cheap and affordable mobile phone.

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