Saturday, May 25, 2013

ThL T2 dual-core custom machine first listed on June 1

Intelligent machines on the market, many manufacturers have already targeting mobile 3G market this piece of blue ocean and each frequently force, as a rising star in the Chinese brands, ThL smartphones recently announced the upcoming models of mobile custom machine. Which has always been of concern to the majority of users practical dual-core mobile custom machine ThL T1 and THL T2, officials said will be June 1 before landing the mobile market.

ThL T2 is a flagship in the low-end market and practical dual-core TD machine, either from the appearance or configuration, can meet users' practical needs, even with the other in the sale of dual-core mobile custom machine compared to slightly better value for money .

Appearance, ThL T2 and THL W100, are using the straight minimalist design and virtual physical buttons around the body slightly rounded, slender slim body reveals a sense of quality solid hard work, especially for the pursuit of practical smart phone users . Positive configure a 4.0 inches resolution of 854 * 480 pixels IPS capacitive screen, display clear brilliant, although not to the current mainstream HD level, but the picture color and sophistication in no way compromised. Polished machine shell, look more crystal clear, grip feel very comfortable.

Configuration, ThL T2 lower than THL W8, ThL T2 built a frequency of 1GHz dual-core processor chip, handle multiple programs, fast response time, users can bring wonderful experience of speed. Memory configuration 512MBRAM +4 GBROM, for users who prefer practical models, fully meet the basic storage requirements. Equipped with pre 2,000,000 + rear 5MP auto Jiaoshuang She like the first, the actual effect is very good. While carrying Android4.0 operating system, supports GSM and TD-SCDMA dual card dual standby, more support for mobile G3 high-speed network, browse the web at an alarming rate.

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