Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LG Optimus G Pro beats Samsung, announcing eye movement technology

A few weeks ago, we passed along the speculation that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 mobile phone would launch with a new feature that would track your eye movement to scroll content on the phone's screen. There was even talk that Samsung would show this new feature off when it unveiled the mobile phone. But on Wednesday morning, the day before the phone's introduction, came a report from Bloomberg saying that the so called eye scroll feature would not be included with the new flagship model. Instead, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will have a feature that will start and stop video playback.

Unfortunately for Samsung, fellow Korean manufacturer LG stole the thunder from Samsung, by announcing this very same feature one day before the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S 4. As part of the Value Pack update for the LG Optimus G Pro, the feature called Smart Video will use the front-facing camera to track the user's eyes. Once the user's gaze moves away from the screen, the video stops and starts again when the user focuses back on the mobile phone's screen.

The update also includes a feature called Dual Camera which uses both the back and front cameras simultaneously to take a single photograph within a photograph. Besides being part of the Value Pack update for the LG Optimus Pro, which has launched in Korea, the features also will be made part of LG's future mobile phone.

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