Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Huawei honor 3 is only 6.3 mm to become the world's most thin phones

Well-known Chinese brand Huawei launch of the new phone seems to have a Sony the L36h Founder shape style, but has the features of the Apple iPhone on the part of the design details and, in particular, dual SIM card slots of the fuselage side of the look is a few bore a striking resemblance. Nevertheless, the machine is very slim body is very eye-catching, although it is unclear the specific thickness, but very close indeed rumors Huawei honor 3rd generation only 6.3mm thin body.

Huawei executives said the "amazing" new features "shocked the world" should be derived from the the confidence Huawei honor 3rd generation functional configuration. For example, the machine has a 6.3mm slim, will break domestic mobile phone vivo X1 6.55mm records maintained in the past, to become the world's thinnest phone. More importantly, Huawei is still so slim body combines powerful features. Three generations of the rumors honor will load the 4.9-inch 1080p Full HD touch screen, 2GB of RAM memory and 16GB/32GB storage space, in addition to the built-in 13 million pixel camera, Huawei honor of the third generation will be equipped with Android4.2 system and equipped with a 2600 mAh battery is not removable.

HUAWEI Honor 2 of the third generation will be in the processor configuration has been upgraded, although not Samsung GALAXY S4 eight-core processor, but the future use of the A15 architecture Hass the K3V3 four nuclear processor also based on the ARM big.LITTLE the size of nuclear technology, and using the 28-nanometer process technology, two Cortex-A15 architecture core 1.8GHz frequency and two Cortex-A7 architecture core, and also built the Mali-T658 GPU, compared to the overall performance of the past have a more substantial improved.

Although the above information has yet to be confirmed, but the Huawei executives have confirmed that the honor of the third generation will debut in June, so the machine has got access permits, and has a slim characteristics, Huawei P6-U06 indeed there may be rumors of HUAWEI Honor U8860.

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