Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lenovo S920 large-screen smart entertainment new life

Lenovo launched the industry's first 5-inch large-screen smart phone - Lenovo S880, and in 2012 to become the best-selling 5-inch large screen mobile phone. Lenovo S880 This epoch-making products "interesting" large-size screen on the smartphone entertainment "era of the play to the big screen. In April 2013, the company launched the new more than a 5-inch large screen of the ultimate slim intelligent entertainment flagship machine - Lenovo S920. With this intelligent entertainment with the large screen of 5.3 inch narrow border and 7.9mm thin body flagship, Lenovo again attacked China's large-screen phone market.

Lenovo S920 5.3-inch HD720P HD screen and optimization the IPS screen Liang improved, faster screen response speed, viewing angle is more degree more realistic colors, better dynamic picture. In brightness, the Lenovo LePad S2005A 5.3-inch ultra National Tsing Hua University screen brightness of 500cd/m2, far more than other ordinary brightness of the screen, the screen to see the light black to completely become a thing of the past, read e-books in the sun can also be a barrier-free, high-definition large wonderful game. Lenovo S920 ultra-thin large-screen to the word enough display space, font size, large field of view to maximize the liberation of the eyes, to make reading more relaxed.

Lenovo S920 narrow frame design allows the screen the same size fuselage width decreases, Ergonomics rounded turn face design for large-size body does not lose grip, this design will not only allow binocular vision wide open, more liberation hands, so with one hand to grasp, thumb to pointing country. Only 7.9mm thick fashion extreme ultra-thin body, breaking the bulky inherent image of large-screen mobile phone, large-screen phone also exudes a strong sense of technology fashion taste.

See Lenovo S920 may make you a familiar feeling, because Lenovo LePhone S680 is designed for the first time in the creative use of the design elements of the "Ring", the ultra-thin large screen ingenious mosaic to a fine silver decorative circles block each other, more layered, such as rings are generally sophisticated and full of a sense of quality, and interested friends can go to the online store for more information.

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