Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jobs design a low-cost version of the iPhone 5S

Apple's next iPhone will begin mass production in the quarter, and they also revealed that the next generation iPhone (tentatively called iPhone5S) will officially come out this summer. Had been news before the end of the year, Apple will launch a low-end market of low-cost version of the iPhone, in order to cope with Samsung and other Android manufacturers continue to occupy the situation of the smartphone market share.

The other hand, according to the San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said, Apple has designed the prototype of the next two generations of iPhone. Madden, these design style before Jobe Christiansburg point. The news is that Apple government liaison Michael Fox broke the news, if true, is not difficult to guess the two generations of iPhone is likely to be iPhone5S as well as low-cost version of the iPhone.

Low-cost version of the iPhone will be equipped with 4-inch screen, just like the iPhone5, also has a variety of optional colors. In addition, it will be equipped with the same processor and camera and iPhone5S, the difference will be on the size of the screen is opened further to allow the formation of differentiated between their own devices. iPhone as Apple's most profitable product line, low-cost mobile phones will also pay more attention to Cook.

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