Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ThL mobile phone new experience type sales gain recognition

THL phone as an emerging smart phone brand, its growth rate is indeed surprising. From December last year until now, has opened more than two hundred centers experience store; from an unknown constantly imitate someone else's mobile phone brand, and now as a leader in the mobile phone industry. All thanks to create a good development model - "Experience Store Direct Owner, direct marketing network and other modes combined sales experience plus service experience."

THL mobile phone has evolved over half a year's time. From unknown small companies to get consumer recognition, ThL W8 has always insisted on the concept of "direct, real faiths user" to implement the "direct line + network of direct sales and franchise sales model, we can say, direct ThL phone one of the factors to success. Across the layers of dealer system to break the traditional country package - the provincial package - to package sales model, abolition of the intermediate channel providers and services directly to consumers.

In the era of this word-of-mouth is king, to say to win the majority of consumer recognition, not an easy thing, but the THL phone did. The phone of ThL rely on good sales experience and experience in a leading position in the industry, a well-known reputation in the industry has been widely praised, accumulated reputation, bring ThL phone faster development. Unsuccessful enterprises are a different story, successful companies have the same law, that is, never stop spirit of the product, the service never satisfied attitude, quality is always the pursuit of faith.

Of Thl phone now, is no longer that did not have the strength, just know that imitate small companies. With the pace of development, the size of the business is growing. A new starting point, ThL W8+ will also be faced with greater opportunities and challenges.

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