Friday, May 3, 2013

HTC M4: HTC One shape and HTC First configuration

The language and style of high-end products, and technology and bring it to a low-end machine used, can be considered the logical way to expand market share; Mini models of Samsung GALAXY series of several representatives of this practice, it seems the HTC also intends to adopt this strategy - Code M7 HTC One exposure when there is another brother models HTC M4 along leaked.

HTC M4 almost exactly the same with the HTC One addition to the speaker shape, surrounded by corner cutting, the back of the injection bar and camera LED lamp position differ; screen size smaller size down to 4.3 inches, the resolution also will be reduced to 720p. It is unclear whether the body material is still metal.

But since with the level of flagship HTC One distinguish the shape similar to the HTC M4 configuration can not be so high-end, it allegedly dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM storage, the battery capacity of 1700 mAh, running Android 4.2 operating system. But thankfully it also carries HTC One UltraPixel pixel technology.

In any case, this is a good choice for people who love taking pictures, if you think the price of the HTC One is not a good bear. As if you like the shape and metallic, need to further define the HTC body of material information.

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