Saturday, May 4, 2013

THL phone caused smartphone hot sales

Smartphone industry competition can be described in full swing, businesses are in the hope of racking their brains larger slice soup, various brands of smart phones flooded the mobile phone market. THL mobile phone in China has opened nearly 100 brand experience center, and is constantly expanding. THL mobile phone as a rising star, good products and quality service, the fanatical pursuit by consumers from the outset, sales booming, China's smartphone new benchmark.

ThL smartphone good quality, cost-effective brands have obvious advantages. THL phone since the establishment of the launch of the V-Series products not only has the mainstream configuration, and prices were down in the thousands. Launched ThL W8+, V8, V9, V11, they have a light and lively appearance and powerful luxury parameter configuration. Recently, THL phone launched a new W-series, in appearance and functionality beyond the V series, are used in high-end configuration; THL mobile phone to create and adhere to the "network of direct sales direct + line + stores in terms of price." sales model, skip the complexity of the dealer system, direct service consumers, so the sales price of other phone can not match the same grade, very competitive in the market. Not only to buy a good product, but also meets the needs of consumers spend less money. Direct, real faiths user really is not an empty phrase, tangible benefits!

THL phone consulting, purchase, use, aftermarket range of quality services. THL mobile phones to consumers "Insider", has always been important as the location service and sales. Adhere to the "direct, really none other users" marketing concept "technology to create a happy life for the purpose of the brand, is committed to" create a public favorite smartphone brand ", from the starting point of the interests of consumers, ThL W8 for consumers to seek more benefits.
Source: THL

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