Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Huawei G610 will launch three versions

Chinese brands Huawei Technologies MTK platform for this year's four-core products is relatively small, the only one in the sale of only Huawei G510, although there is news that the recent listing of upcoming Huawei Ascend D2, but recently came Samsung 2G RAM limit supply and Huawei Ascend D2 affecting the listing process messages estimated Mate Huawei Huawei Ascend D2 and subsequent delay time to market needs.

In addition to these two China Mobile phone, Huawei's other, a new machine Huawei G610 MTK has also recently been exposed, but the G610 is not just a model, but will be launched to support three different versions of the network system, the model followed by Huawei G610 -C00, G610-T00 and G610-U00.

Three versions of the appearance of the same mold design, similar to pebble-like shape, body around the corner and the back has a larger arc process. Common is that all three will be equipped with a frequency rate of 1.2GHz quad-core processor, Chuan MTK MT6589, built-in 1GB of memory to run, before 0.3MP + rear 5MP camera, standard 2150 mA battery , both support dual-microphone noise reduction feature.

Huawei G610-C00/G610-T00/G610-U00 main difference is of course supported by the different networks respectively, the most talked about G610 Telecom ZTE N986 version might be a MTK platform after another telecommunications quad-core products. According to the spread of data, Huawei G610C equipped with 5.4-inch qHD resolution screen, Mobile and Unicom version were 5-inch screen with a resolution qHD level the same as 960 * 540, but through the telecommunications version of 142.0 × 73.6 × 9.7mm parameter measurements with the other two versions of the 142 × 73.6 × 9.9mm contrast can be found, in addition to telecommunications thickness slightly smaller version, the same width and height, this size is 5 inches screen size of the product is more standard, so whether it will adopt the telecommunications version 5.4 inches screen is also in doubt. Another version telecommunications technology may be able to support DTS surround, while the other two are not explained, as there is no significant difference between the three other aspects.
Source: Bicgate

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