Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jiayu G4 high version priced $240 security Bunny ran sub nearly 16000

Jiayu first quad-core phone products won Jiayu G4 finally open to buy large quantities, while the Jiayu G4 high version is also good news came out, the official was today officially released the high version of the running points, and the final selling price officially released, Jiayu G4 high version will be the price of sale.

Jiayu G4 running high with a white version of the points, security Bunny V3.3 Integrated ran very close to 16,000 points, which in the current MTK6589 models is undoubtedly a higher score, the other main frequency of 1.2GHz compared to MT6589, can clearly see the CPU integer, floating point performance, and 3D performance has significantly increased. By running sub-side also shows high version of the optimization have been better, the government has also made ??it clear that G4 high version has entered the mass production stage, but due to memory and other accessories tight supply, there is no specific time to market, but the Jiayu G3 high version has been listed issuers.

Official data also demonstrates OTG read, which means that the production version of the Jiayu G4 high version will probably be standard on the USB OTG function, for the pursuit of these features is undoubtedly good news for consumers.

Jiayu G4 high version with the standard version only the processor, memory, some have a greater difference, its basically the same terms, will be equipped with 4.7 inches of IPS wide fit screen, HD-level display resolution, Corning Gorilla two generation of protective glass. Equipped with a front 3MP + rear 13MP dual high-definition camera, maybe two different versions of the same thickness has built gyroscope, magnetometer, and other commonly used sensors.
Source: Bicgate

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