Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lenovo S820 tailor-made smartphones designed for women

Lenovo Mobile this year's quad-core products is very rich, a variety of products already on the market, in addition to several other models such as Lenovo P780 preparing to release a new machine, before it was exposed earlier out of the Lenovo S890 is the upcoming quad-core models a MTK6589 section. According to Lenovo, according to sources of the news shows, this tailored specifically for female users of smart phones may officially released May 28 listing.

Earlier outgoing Lenovo S820 core hardware specifications that will be equipped with the same MTK6589 S880 quad-core processor, with more than 4.5-inch 720P display screen, running memory 1GB, and 800-megapixel main camera head, Also the battery capacity reaches 2000 mA, running Android 4.2 version of the system. However, in order to associate the configuration information has not been officially confirmed, as the positioning of female users of smart phones, I believe in screens, cameras and other aspects will be more powerful, and there is news that the S820 pixel main camera is actually 13 million.

Lenovo Mobile's product line has always been rich, from fashion slim, three defense, long standby and even now women phone S820, comes with its own characteristics, as well as five days time, this customized specifically for women is also about smartphones in the online store on sale for women facing the same nowadays many Self-portrait phone market, Lenovo S820 obtained by virtue of what consumers, we will continue to focus on.

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