Thursday, May 16, 2013

THL T2 will be listed in the near future

THL had been the main push WCDMA network standard smartphone, THL smartphone before the formal launch of the new T-series, the main push of TD products, the first of the series models THL T1 has recently been exposed, but apparently this is only the beginning, followed by the official a model for the THL T2 new machine will be listed in the near future.

THL T2 and THL T1 design seems to be exactly the same, THL T2 will likely debut as T1 low version, because the hardware configuration information from official public view, T2 of lower specifications.

With T1 and, THL T2 memory specifications generally run only 512M of memory, internal storage space of 4GB, quad-core processor is no longer to switch to the dual-core platform, from the THL style point of view, may still MTK chip. In addition, the screen size is also reduced 4.0-inch FWVGA screen, equipped with 2,000,000 + rear 5-megapixel camera, running Android 4.2 version of the system. T2 will still support GSM and TD-SCDMA dual card dual standby function.

As for the price and other official has not been released to infer, from the published hardware specifications, the new T-series machine perhaps close to the people the price, especially entry-level positioning THL T2, there may be a surprise price is not certain.
Source: THL

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