Friday, May 24, 2013

ThL W8 equipped with MTK6589T 1.5GHz quad-core 1080p

Since ThL W8 Beyond was exposed, 1.5GHz quad-core processing performance and ability to take pictures 13.0MP attract consumer attention for its launch date. Recently ThL smartphone official responded, saying that this flagship model or before June 10 will be listed, has entered the testing phase.

Upcoming ThL W8+, regardless of screen resolution, memory, processor, or we are concerned about the front and rear camera configuration, etc., will exceed its THL W8 and THL W100. Meanwhile, this W8+ will also work with other new products appearing on the market under a high. Configuration, in order to give customers a better experience playing machine, ThL W8+ upgrade from the original 1.2GHz at 1.5GHz, processing speed is greatly enhanced, equipped with low-power, high-performance MTK6589T quad-core processing chip, and configuration 1GB RAM +16 GB ROM storage, performance is very strong.

Meanwhile ThL W8+ front and rear camera for a larger upgrade. Front mounted 5MP +13MP rear dual cameras, supports a variety of shooting modes, the camera performance is very good.
Appearance, ThL W8+ has a 5.0 inches 1080P Full HD retina screen pixel density of up to 441 PPI, the main screen resolution for the current smartphone market, the highest pixel standard - FHD 1920 * 1080, display a more crisp and clear. Systems, ThL W8+ Android 4.2-based depth development of new systems - Jelly Bean system, software applications richer, UI interface is more colorful.

Currently, the certainty is that, powerful performance as the beast ThL W8+ will be June 10 to meet with you before, temporarily unable to determine the specific price, the overall cost will also be in the market set off a new round of competition frenzy.

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