Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ThL W9 5.7 inch equipped 8.0MP/13.0MP camera

April smartphone on the market, the user to pick up the rear, 8.0MP / 8.1MP - pixel models focus on the most densely populated, attention reached 58.9%, means to camera with respect to the users demand more and more high. Wise manufacturers also stepped up efforts to intensify research and development, in terms of cameras like send force to the android market has the dark horse in China - ThL smartphone, in its official Revelations will launch a lead of up to 8.0MP pixels autodyne artifact - ThLW9, cause the consumers of a heated discussion.

ThL W9 front-facing camera is as high as 8.0MP pixels, a new generation of autodyne artifact. Recently listed as soon as possible, will become a THL W8 and THL W100 after global third paragraph 8.0MP autodyne artifact. As for the rear camera, the rumors will reach 13.0 MP pixels. Currently, this level of before and after the two cameras in the smartphone market has not yet appeared, once established, ThLW9 will become a photo artifact on the market.

ThL W9 will be a big flagship model, has a large 5.7 -inch screen, resolution to achieve the highest level of the full 1080 p hd on the market at present, the display would greatly beyond the mainstream of 720 p, rendering and color expressive force will than ThL W8 is more clear and fine.

ThL W9 support WCDMA/GSM double card double stay single pass; Operating system, Android system has WAPI safe way to wireless local area network (LAN) function; As for the other parameters configuration and launch date, the ThL intelligent mobile phone is not accurate inform, according to the ThL smartphone product launches frequency, ThLW9 is expected to be listed in July.

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