Saturday, June 15, 2013

Positioning women groups 1.5GHz frequency ZOPO C3 upcoming

ZOPO mobile phone launch ZOPO C2 is the recent one thousand yuan level a dark horse in the quad-core product, contracted and fashionable appearance and not the hardware specifications of common become one of the popular quad-core product more attention. In order to improve product competitiveness, recently listed ZOPO C2 16 g version and ultimate will also upgrade to 1.5 GHz processor MT6589T main frequency, and there is a white version ZOPO C2, white version will be switched to corning gorilla glass screen.

But ZOPO cellphone products far more than that, this year has officially announced it would launch a internal model for ZOPO C3 quad-core, new, custom mainly for women, is now open the drafts activity, may be listed in the near future.

C2 hale atmosphere, compared with pink body ZOPO C3 is indeed full of feminine figure can be found through the propaganda of C3 line is more rich change, the arc around the box and the back in the bigger, the whole style more hasten is soft and fruity. Smartphone users group for positioning women, ZOPO C3 besides pink may also have more colors to choose from, and is expected to be on a par with C2 ultra-thin thickness.

Main target users for beautiful to love girl, hd and hd camera screen nature is little not, ZOPO C3 adopted before 5.0 MP after 13 MP twin cameras, like the little black size 5.0 inches display screen, and has reached the level of FHD 1920 * 1080 resolution and 441 PPI, display effect is worth looking forward to. Besides C3 with main quad core 1.5 GHz frequency processing unit, should be like ZOPO C2 flagship version for MT6589T quad-core chips, run for 1 gb of memory, with 16 gb of internal storage at a high speed.

For upcoming ZOPO C3, the official "women-only the best smartphone" description, from the perspective of the core parameters of known in numerous women mobile phone into the category of high configuration, but since chose women as the target group, should also be a women-only system, beauty photo technology features such as content, users can focus on women.
Source: ZOPO

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