Saturday, June 1, 2013

ThL T2 open a new round of competition TD machine

ThL mobile phones introduced a new flagship in the low-end market dual-core mobile custom machine - ThL T2, the aircraft was finally invited to consumers under the shock market, marking the Mobile G3 markets will open a new round of competition TD machine .

Compared to the current mainstream big-screen high with intelligent machines, ThL T2 and THL W100 are positioned close to the people in the low-end market route, is a high price and practical dual-core smartphone for high-end users, THL W8 is a very good alternative models, there are black and white options.

From the exterior, THL T2 and THL T1 is exactly the same, but ThL T2 right interpretation of the concept of practical introverted, overall design showing a low-key introverted, generous grace of the classic sense of quality. Positive configured with a 4.0-inch resolution of 854 * 480 pixels capacitive screen resolution did not reach the mainstream HD level, but the display is still clear and vibrant uncompromised. Has a large viewing angle, strong color contrast, very bright screen rendering, true reproduction. Through a special polishing machine, use more hardwearing, is relatively rare on the market a practical models.

Configuration, ThL T2 and THL T1 are equipped with a frequency of 1GHz dual-core processing chip, running multiple programs at the same time the response speed is very fast, can bring you wonderful experience of speed. Equipped with a pre 2.0MP + 5.0MP dual camera, maximum support 2592 * 1944 pixels, the actual effect is amazing. Meanwhile, the machine runs Android4.0 operating system, memory is configured to 512MBRAM +4 GBROM, support GSM, TD-SCDMA dual card dual standby, more support for 3G high-speed mobile networks, like the Internet users, it is definitely a very powerful practical mobile custom machine.
Source: THL

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