Saturday, June 1, 2013

ZOPO C2+ equipped MTK6589T master frequency of 1.5GHz

ZOPO C2 selling is an indisputable fact, and in order to further enhance its competitiveness, ZOPO C2 subsequent large-capacity memory version is also about to debut, and in addition to upgrading the memory capacity of the processor also partly follow the upgrade. The recent news that the official, ZOPO C2+ 16G version will be June 3-June 8 at ZOPO Mobile shop for sale, and the price is still not disclosed.

Compared to the already listed ZOPO C2 Standard Edition, ZOPO C2+ (16G version) on the following aspects of the change, the first is to upgrade the internal storage capacity of the fuselage 16GB, except for some local friends have 17.2G special file storage no less than outside normal users can basically do not have to install a external memory card; followed by the processor upgrade, the standard version of the MT6589 1.2GHz main frequency upgrade to MT6589T, MTK6589T's clocked at 1.5GHz, GPU frequency increased to 357MHz, play games smooth mobility certainly more powerful; finally ZOPO C2 + 16G version of the back cover has also been redesigned to more closely cover buckle, another original fuselage texture was canceled.

Other aspects are entirely consistent with ZOPO C2 Standard Edition, with a 8.5 mm thin body, built-in 2000 mA battery capacity. Fully equipped with 5-inch IPS lamination Full HD screen, FHD-level display resolution of 1920 * 1080, after the first 5.0MP + 13.0MP dual high-definition camera, battery capacity of 2000 mA, supporting gyroscope, electronic compass sensor .

It is reported that ZOPO C2+ will be June 3 - June 8 between formal sale, in addition 2G RAM +32 G ROM flagship version also will soon launch two new versions are equipped with Ali cloud systems.
Source: ZOPO

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