Friday, June 21, 2013

THL W11 front-facing 13.0 MP caught the attention of the world

THL new machine after another was exposed in front of friends, except to enter the market, the T-Series TD THL T1, THL T2, THL T3 three new machines, W series ThL W8 Beyond, THL W9, THL W11, THL W100 and other new machine is also gradually reveal the true capacity. In several new machines in, THL W11 is clearly the most talked about, and phone number of this phone is the only product THL enjoy a "nickname" products, THL W11  is called Monkey King, a few days ago W11 new spy photos have passed out.

THL W11 before the product has been out of the "rounded" shape, transformed into a classic style candy bar at right angles, smooth lines and bold, the whole look is very tough, THL W11 fuselage side to show a strong metallic finish. In addition, W11 SIM card slot so moved around the body, the body may be left Micro SD card slot on the right focus on the volume keys and power button at the top of the fuselage more "lively", there were bits and Micro SIM card USB interface and 3.5 mm headphone jack, from adopting unibody design analysis, the thickness of the phone should be compared to the force.

THL W11 hardware specifications official to disclose the information is very limited, but the exposure parameters are out of the most attractive areas of concern, ThL W8 Beyond equipment 13.0MP HD camera, front 5.0MP camera photographed product has been amazing for everyone, but THL W11 adopt 13.0MP camera front self-emergence of successful acquisition of the "world's first pre-13.0MP smart phone" in the title. In addition this product is also equipped with a 5-inch full HD screen resolution of 1920 * 1080, as the processor, memory and other aspects of information, I believe that the next time will be announced.
Source: THL

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