Friday, June 21, 2013

ZOPO C3 begin to enter female mobile phone market in the near future

ZOPO mobile phone will soon be targeting the female consumer market, a specially built for girls upcoming quad-core smartphone, the aircraft interior model ZOPO C3, also has a very "petty bourgeoisie" name-ZOPO small gesture, from the official announced the "June 28" and other information to infer, small posture may soon coming.

Women often with colorful body smartphones, high-definition camera and other beauty inseparable come, ZOPO C3 also can not "escape." If you look at C3 is positive, then you will find that it seems impossible to distinguish between the aircraft and C2 each other, but ZOPO C3 of the middle frame, back and other parts of the style is more softer, slightly curved, sleek design style more in line with female users aesthetic. In addition a small gesture of the fuselage is black, then the shell is available in white, pink, blue three colors, is also very thin body thickness of only 8.5 mm, and has a 2.47 mm ultra-narrow frame.

Pictures can be said that women are most concerned about the function of the machine high specification camera side, with front 5.0MP +13.0 MP back-illuminated CMOS main camera (blue glass filter), the main camera supports Denoise-Image photo noise cancellation and gyro Miriam image stabilization and so on.

ZOPO C3 Although it is a predominantly female users launch of the product, its hardware specifications, but not low, equipped with a frequency rate of MTK MT6589T 1.5GHz quad-core processor, built-in 1G RAM +16 G ROM memory, support for expansion. Fuselage equipped with a 5-inch IPS screen, FHD-level display resolution of 1920 * 1080, using touch-screen technology OGS fully fit, C2 and C3 will be the same, will be introduced Corning Gorilla Glass protection, a better scratch-resistant effect.

In positioned as a woman now known mobile phone products, ZOPO C3 overall specifications to achieve a higher level, if they can, and optimize the system down enough effort, coupled with a suitable price, and perhaps become the next ZOPO C2 also possible.

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