Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Huawei T8950 supports NFC functionality upgrade listing

NFC near field communication technology is increasingly high heat, a new machine in the near future can often see the figure of NFC, NFC-enabled smart phones can exchange data between, to brush or as a POS machine to use as a MediaTek recently rolled out its own MT6605 chip, allowing smart phones, tablet PC device supports NFC feature. Huawei mobile phones recently launched a model for Huawei T8950 NFC's new machine can support NFC, most likely on the use of the MT6605, the aircraft now in China Online Shopping Store sale, priced at 1,299 yuan.

Huawei T8950 Huawei last year's third quarter launch dual-core products, and the latest listing of T8950 NFC can be seen as an upgraded version of the original, the biggest change is the addition of NFC capabilities to support China Mobile NFC-related regulatory requirements, support card emulation, reader and point to point (P2P) three application modes. Appearance and core configuration basically unchanged. Still 134.3x 67.8x 10.5mm measurements for size, with black and white color.

Huawei T8950 NFC uses MTK6517 dual core processor, and T8950D same 1.2GHz main frequency, can support TD-SCDMA network, built-in 1G RAM +4 G ROM memory, equipped with a 4.5-inch screen, using a hard-IPS screen technology, support qHD level display resolution of 960 * 540. In addition the system is still Android 4.0, the standard 1930 mA battery, front 0.3MP and rear 8.0MP dual like camera, built the commonly used sensors.

Although the newly upgraded T8950 adds NFC capabilities, but the price is relatively expensive, from the emergence of Huawei T8950 NFC NFC technology can smell is rapidly coming to you, follow-up may have more Chinese mobile phone brand launch such products to make people's daily life more convenient.

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