Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jiayu G4 thin version 4.7 inches HD screen suitable for fashion users

Jiayu G4 high version after starting, Jiayu official release of the last few days have thinner thin fuselage Jiayu G4 Power Standard Edition on sale soon the news, according to the latest official announcement shows, G4 thin electric version will be China Online Shopping Store offer, but there is no amount of Xiangxi, the first number may not be too much.

The thickness of the thin electric version and version main difference is that the body thickness and battery capacity are inconsistent, thin electric version of the measurements for size 133 * 65 * 8.2 mm, standard capacity of 1850 mAh battery, while the thickness of the version of the battery capacity and the thickness is 3000 mA / 10 mm. As for the other two are completely consistent, Jiayu G4 thin electric version also upgraded to MTK6589T quad-core processor with a higher CPU / GPU frequency to further enhance the system performance, 1G RAM +4 G ROM memory, 4.7-inch IPS wide laminating HD resolution + Corning gorilla glass screen, front 3.0MP + after 13.0MP back-illuminated camera, Android 4.21 system, built-in gyroscope, electronic compass sensor, OTG, WCDMA + GSM dual sim dual standby and dual wheat down noise and other functions.

JIAYU G4 thick black models for the electric version, while white is a thin electric version, you can see that in fact, the gap between the two is not quite that big, but the feeling in your hand will certainly be different, and thus Jiayu G4 thin electric version is more suitable for fashion users.

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