Thursday, July 4, 2013

ThL W11 13MP front camera listed next week

ThL smartphones launched a variety of Android smart strong machine, such ThL W7, THL W8 and ThL W8 Beyond, they are equipped with large touch screen and quad-core processors, the overall configuration is very good. Today, the latest news shows, ThL next week launch a smartphone called ThL W11 smart new machine, and the machine's hardware configuration even better.

THL W11 has several characteristics, the first is obviously part of high specification camera, 8.0MP front though THL W9 many phones in the country has been regarded as high-profile, but with the front of the camera to achieve 13.0MP compared to the gap is still very W11 large, which also makes THL W11 won the "world's first pre-13.0MP phone" in the title. In addition it is also a main camera 13.0MP back-illuminated camera with auto-focus, 1080P capture capabilities.

THL W11 tremendous changes in terms of appearance, the previous THL mobile phones will always dash mellow temperament, W11 is the opposite of another style, the whole correct atmosphere, the body of a one-piece design with an estimated thickness would be more Aspect . Excluding these two characteristics, the hardware specifications are also highlights of the aircraft, 1.5GHz main frequency MT6589T quad-core processor, 2G RAM +32 G ROM memory and 5 inches 1080P IPS screen is believed to have been fully fit captured the hearts of many local friends . And the opportunity to use their own systems based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean depth customization system, the interface is more beautiful, and make a number of improvements. As ThL W11 price No related news is expected in the upcoming conference announced, we do not bother watching.

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