Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ThL W11 latest flagship officially be unveiled on July 8th

ThL formally announced, will be in shenzhen on July 8 wuzhou hotel held a product launch, at the appointed time, in the network spread already a long time the latest flagship phones - ThL W11 to formally meet with the public. This kind of mobile phone appearance fashion, the configuration is also very high end, attracted many people's attention.

ThL W11 overturned on the appearance of ThL smartphone ever round design, taking square straight board integration design line, metal frame line of showily fashion highlights this machine. ThL W11 built-in sealed batteries, the fuselage of the oneness and the is stronger, SIM card slot is located at the top of the fuselage and on the right side respectively, easy to insert and remove, so creative.

W11 before and after the 13.0 MP camera. From previously revealed the phone parameter information we already know that ThL W8 Beyond to breakthrough before and after the adoption of double 13.0 MP camera amazing configuration, the phone camera functionality to a brand-new realm.

Moreover, W11 will use full 1080P hd screen, this is not in the phone ThL ever have before, thus, ThL for this new handsets really gives great expectations. From the parameter information to this kind of mobile phone hardware configuration is not common, achieve even beyond the current THL W9 standards, can be predicted, W11 will basically be THL's main product over a period of time in the future.

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