Saturday, July 6, 2013

ThL W8 Beyond 1080P screen quad-core extremely well

After entering 2013, mobile phone hardware configuration and moving towards a new height. Chinese phone makers ThL in recent 13.0 MP1080p screen a quad-core smartphones - W8 Beyond, from hardware parameters for the machine is absolutely enough for a major top models, but compared to ThL W9 and ThL W11, hardware or inadequate. At present, this kind of THL W8 Beyond have been listed in THL mobile website comprehensive on sale, interested users can login the website to buy.

THL W8 Beyond the appearance of design as its name is a Beyond, the overall shape more round, must grip feel must be very great, positive is a 5-inch 1080 p hd screen, 441 ppi reached the absolute main flow level, and screen display effect is very good. It is worth mentioning the machine also carry a 13.0 MPCOMS hd camera and 5.0 MP a front-facing camera, daily shot is enough to meet user needs.

Hardware, THL W8 Beyond a built-in 1.5 MHz quad-core processors, storage is the use of the combination of 1 gb of RAM + 16 gb ROM, won't have the feeling of caton of everyday use. System aspect, this machine come with the depth according to the Android 4.2 jelly beans of custom development system, a new UI interface, a new clock interface, brand-new gesture to navigation, a new panoramic picture, all of this for ThL is an entirely new transcendence.

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