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Coolpad 5891 Review

Coolpad 5891 adopts the mainstream 4.1.2 OS, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, as well as the collocation of 1GB RAM plus 4GB ROM. In fact, it has reached the mainstream level of the phones selling at nearly 163 bucks. what about its actual property? We shall have the review of Coolpad 5891.

Simple and fashionable design style It is said that the design which is not deep-rooted to the routine is the best design. As to the Android mobile phone, the design is always of great magnitude. Therefore, the manufacturers will never attach little importance to it.930330                                             (the frontage of Coolpad 5891)
In the previous days, the phones at the price of about 163 bucks leave us two impressions: the first is that all are alike to each other; the second is that all are pursuing the gaudy and showy appearance on purpose, neither of which is quite prospective. As a matter of fact, Coolpad 5891 is much more reasonable. Though it’s the upgraded product of Cool 5890, it does not just achieve it via adopting a larger screen.
930335                                         (the frontage of the Coolpad 5891)
                                 (the display in kinds of angles)
Unlike the previous mellow and round products, Coolpad 5891 looks squarer. As the experience of holding the gadget is considered, the edges, corners as well as the belt line in the surroundings are processed via the corresponding arc design.
930336                                     (the picture of back core of Coolpad 5891)
 Providing the frontage adopts the simple and concise style, its back core style is unaffected and elegant. Besides the surfing logo, cameras and loudspeaker, no other design is included. Moreover, the pure white color is better catering to the aesthetic standard of the common people, including the youth who are quite fashionable.
Delicate and solid design
It’s always said that the key to the success is in the details. In fact, it’s the same with manufacturing because an inconspicuous carelessness will have an impact on the final effect of the model. thus, in early days, Coolpad has built up an comprehensive system of examining the products.
930347                                                    (the virtual keys)
                             (the power key and volume keys)
Like the previous products, three standard virtual keys are designed on the low side of the screen. They are designated with the vibration feedback and the touch feeling is mellow and comfortable. The power key is on the upper right side while the volume is on the left opposite side, which is better convenient for the operation with just one hand because the thumb and middle finger can reach the two keys at ease. In terms of the feelings, since the key caps are relatively convex, it touches quite nice.
930350                                                      (the earphone)
                          (the detail display in kinds of angles.)
With regards to the workmanship, Coolpad 5891 is also quite excellent for it is equipped with a 5.0-inch qHD screen closely attached to the front core and no obvious cracks or dislocations are observed. The wrapping-up design with slightly convex surroundings well protects the phone’s margins from scratching or bruising. Moreover, the batter cover is also rather solid, which is sealed tensely with more than ten fasteners and keeps the back core from being opened as it falls onto the floor.
Various built-in applications and functions
The excellent appearance will make the phone better appreciative and the reasonable and optimized system, firmware will also contributes to its more charismatic experience because consumers have already mastered smart phones and known the system is to the phone what the brain is to man.
                       (the locking interface)
                  (the pulling-down interface)
               (the main interface/ background)
                     (the system information)
 Coolpad 5891 adopts the mainstream Android 4.1.2 OS. The whole interface is further developed and redesigned icons are much more explicit and straightforward, which is more recognizable. In order for more convenient usage, the phone is also with functions such as smart multiple-screen display and font adjustment, and especially the latter is quite beneficial for senior citizens.
                         (the software list)
                  (the application of software)
Besides the preliminary applications such as call function, SMS, music, browser, player and so on, the catching-on softwares are also installed such as microblog, mass comment, QQ, Taobao, Baidu browser, Baidu map and so on.
The test of performance and property
If one wants to do a good job, he must make his tool more powerful. For a smart phone, the hardware and property are the principal components. Coolpad 5891 is collocated with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor as well as the combination of 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM, which reaches the mainstream level of those selling at about 163 bucks. Then we shall turn to the test software to review it.
                             (the Antutu review)
AnTuTu Benchmark is designed software to test the performance of phones and tablets with Android systems, which can score the comprehensive and individual property in an effective manners.
Quadrant is the senior-level mobile equipment testing tools developed by Aurora Softworks, which includes storage test, four I/O test, 2D graphic processing test, three 3D graphic processing test to have a comprehensive feedback of tested equipment. The equipment without GPU unit cannot process this program. In theory, higher score equals the better comprehensive property.
                                                         (Nenamark 1)
                                                          (Nanamark 2)
                                                     (Nenamark 2)
NenaMark 1 is the accelerating benchmark test program to be applied in the Android hardware, which is implemented via playing a piece of real-time rendered image to test the graphic ability of the tested equipment, including reflection, dynamic shade, parameters of curved surface, complex ray modes and so on. Nenamark 2 is obviously to be the upgraded edition of Nenamark 1, which is also implemented via playing a piece of animation to test its fps value. The only difference is that Nenamark will adopt the images of more advanced graphic effect and higher resolution.
                          (Antutu 3D review)
Antutu 3D review is the professional Android GPU test software. Unlike the previous one to test the comprehensive property, 3D Rating is only apt to pay attention to the 3D part of its GPU hardware, which is the emphasis of game software. The higher the score turns out to be, the better is the 3D property. Two modes, 3D score and off-screen, are provided. The former is to test the graphic property by combining resolution and graphic processor while the latter is to test the graphic property in the off-screen mode regardless of the resolution.
Entertainment feast
By the survey data can we know that smart phone users turn to apply their gadgets into enjoying movies, music as well as playing games. Every day it can be seen that people while away time with phones on buses and metros.
                             (the music player)
 The highlight of Coolpad 5891’s built-in player supports two forms of playing: the one is the local music and the other is enjoying the music online. The consumers can search the corresponding songs or albums to their content and download them via mobile network or WiFi.
                                                     (the video player)
                                                      (720p RMVB video)
                                                       (720p MKV video)
                                                       (1080p AVI video)
In the aspect of the videos, Coolpad 5891 supports the catching-on formats such as RMVB, MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV and so on, which can be played directly without switching formats or decoding via the third party. As for 720p videos, Coolpad can be at ease to contend it while 1080p videos may encounter delay in FF and FB, but the fluency can be guaranteed in the playing process.
                               (Temple Run 2)
                         (Warrior 2)
With regards to the game test, the performance of Coolpad 5891 is quite excellent for all the hot popular games can be compatible. Though Temple Run 2 is only a leisure, Parkour game, the operation of running, leaping and swerving has requirement for the property and responsive speed of the phone, and Coolpad 5891 can deal with these quite easily.
The conclusion: As the upgraded version of Coolpad 5890, Coolpad 5891 has made many obvious changes. It does not inherit the mellow appearance of Coolpad 5890, instead, and square style is adopted. The frontage is allocated with a 5.0-inch ultra-large screen, which offers larger operation room and visible area. In actual applications, the processing is quite smooth in everyday usage. Should you have the intention to purchase phones and tend to be into large-screen and low price one, Coolpad 5891 is worth considering.

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