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ONN Tiger Quad-Core collocated with a 5-inch 1080p screen

ONN Tiger is collocated with a 5-inch 1080p screen, 1,5 GHz quad-core processor, 1300W pixel display camera. Besides, it sells for only 245 bucks, so when we review it, its high quality and low price is paid attention to. Then what about its actual performance in application?
Observing ONN Tiger at first sight, it has made great progress compared with the previous editions.

The color of collocated white and black, thinner body, narrower edging, which looks more fashionable. When it’s held in your hand, the matte texture can be felt. Therefore, the very first impression is quite good.
929350                                          (ONN Tiger)
ONN Tiger again attaches great importance to its entertainment function. Its 5-inch large IPS screen plays the key role in output. Besides its largeness, its 1080p HD resolution directly improves the visual effect. If you make comparisons with previous ONN phones, you can understand the improvement much better.
929360                                                 (ONN Tiger)
The screen ppi of ONN Tiger reaches 441, so its display effect is quite amazing. Another spotlight of the frontage is its 2.5mm narrow edging design, and then the whole size of the phone can be controlled.
929356                                                  (ONN tiger)
The overall arrangement is quite regular. The earphone on the upper side is in the shape of silver metal net while a 300W pixel display camera and kinds of light sensors are designed on the right side. Three touch keys are on the low side of the screen and the style of the icons is quite exquisite.
929355                                                     (ONN tiger)
As to the keys, maybe because it’s the engineering phone, the power key seems to be somehow clumsy, but it will not affect the normal applications. The design of power key on the top is more convenient for operation. Besides, on the top a 3.5mm earphone hole is designed.
929353                                                       (ONN Tiger)
The volume key on the right side is better, which is of good sensitivity and feedback.
                                                (the ONN Tiger)
On the bottom side is the MicroUSB interface and the main microphone, which are regular design and suitable for the usage of the mainstream mass.
929351                                                (ONN Tiger)
The matte texture is mentioned before in the passage, but its plastic back core is not that good. However, the matte design develops the whole texture of the back core a lot.
929357                                                  (ONN Tiger)
The whole design of the back core is concise. On the upper side are designed 1300W pixel display camera, and both LED flashlights. It adopts the F2.2 aperture and 5-piece lens group with blue glass lens. It supports 270 degree panorama and 99 continuous shooting. Of course the 1080p HD recording is indispensable. Moreover, the ONN mark and the dot array loudspeaker can be seen on the back core as well.
929358                                               (ONN Tiger)
In actual applications another highlight is that ONN Tiger adds the W+G standby function. Two slots lie side by side in the battery compartment, beside which is the TF card slot and supports 32GB expansion storage.
929361                                                 (dual-card standby)
Moreover, it’s collocated with a 2200mAh battery, which is supposed to be in the medium level.
                     929362                                                 (2200mAh battery)
Having entering the standby interface, it can be observed that the system part is optimized only in some degree. On the whole, it tends to be alike to the original style. In fact, it’s the common weakness that the system development is not in high-level.
929284  929285                      
                                   (the standby interface)
The properties of Android 4.2OS can be seen on the ONN Tiger. In applications, they are almost alike, so the operation is quite convenient and easy.
   (the background administration/the pulling-down notification bar)
Compared with the continuous upgrading of hardware, it will be more satisfactory to see more work to be done in software and systems. In the exclusive applications, it counts a lot.
                                  (the standby interface)
In terms of the fluency of the system, the sliding on the screen, the speed of loading applications is satisfactory. On the whole, no pause occurs in the process of applications.
                              (the application of the flow)
Some widgets are also quite interesting, moreover, as ONN Tiger supports dual-card standby, the content of the widgets is various, for instance, the flow of each card can be recorded respectively, and then you can directly observe how much flow is consumed.
                                    (the standby interface)
 ONN Tiger is collocated with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, which is the familiar MT6589T quad-core Xiaomi phone adopts. It adopts 28nm technology and A7 framework. Besides, it is also built in PowerVR SGX 544MP graphic unit as well as 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM.
                 (the collocations of ONN Tiger)
 In the test of Antutu, the property of MT6589T is alike to that of tested Hongmi phone. It is supposed to able to satisfy the common needs.
                                           (Antutu test)
With regards to other tests, the Vellamo webpage browsing test focuses on the comprehensive property of webpage browsing. Its score of 1531 is quite good.
                                      ( Vellamo test)
The last quadrant test aims to check the comprehensive ability of phone, including 12 CPU tests, 1 storage test, 4 I/O test, one 2D graphic processing test and three 3D graphic processing test, and the whole score is 4681.
929301                                              (the quadrant test)
Since ONN Tiger focuses on the entertainment function, which is further developed with its 1080p screen. In the aspect of playing HD videos, the kinds of formats can be compatible such as AVI, MP4, MOV, RMVB and so on.
929577                            (the interface of videos)
For a 5-inch 1080p screen, its entertainment function is somehow qualified.
Another spotlight of ONN Tiger is its 1300W pixel, which owns a F2.2 aperture. With regards to the shooting functions, ONN Tiger supports panorama shooting and 99 high-speed continuous shooting.
929591                                          (the shooting interace)
The collocations are also quite comprehensive, including readjusting exposure value, white balance, sensitivity and so on.
                                      (the shooting setting)
Then we shall review the sample pictures to have better understanding of the shooting effect.
More details are displayed via the 1300W pixel display camera. After magnifying a picture can we observe that the part content is also quite vivid and no fuzziness occurs.
929651                                                 (the magnified picture)
929648                                                  (the sample picture)
After reviewing these sample pictures, the shooting effect of ONN Tiger is also quite satisfactory and no deviation is in the color reduction. However, in the condition of adequate light, somehow overexposure occurs and the part detail may not be well presented.
                                          (the sample picture)
Conclusion: what is the scientific way to evaluate the new phones? As a matter of fact, we ought to seize the key point. The key point of ONN Tiger is of 5-inch 1080p screen, 1300W pixel display camera, quad-core processor as well as the attractive price of 245 bucks, which shall be what we attach great importance to. With these prerequisites, the entertainments can be showcased prominently. In one word, ONN Tiger is equipped with quite nice hardware conditions, while the software fades to some extent, which shall be the emphasis of later development.

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