Thursday, August 15, 2013

HIK2 Phantom 2 Quad-Core Android Phone

HIKe Phantom 2 adopts the same appearance as T1 does. The display effect of 4.7-inch screen and 720p resolution is also quite appreciable; on the whole, the phone adopts the business style of appearance. The collocations of front-facing and rear cameras are what HIKe Phantom 2 attaches great importance to. The processor is upgraded to MT6589 from MT6577T.

Moreover, the combination of 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM contributes to its better performance.
Speaking of the shooting, HIKe Phantom 2 is equipped with a 88-degree ultra-wide camera. Moreover, the beautifying function is also provided, which adopts the face recognition technology to dispel the facial defects and saves a lot of problems.
The arc screen is combined with skin-color core
As it adopts the same model with previous T1, HIKe Phantom2 still adopts 4.7-inch large screen and 720p screen. Its IPS screen brings good visible angle, but the system interface is not exquisite, thus, the 720p screen is discounted to some extent.
                                      (4.7-inch 720p screen)
                  (500W pixel display front-facing camera)
The back core still adopts the skin coating, which touches quite comfortable and absorbs sweat. Moreover, it’s anti-skidding. The tested phone is of the coffee color. According to the official website, the red version is also provided. With 500W pixel display front-facing camera, it’s the good choice for female users.
                                    (the special “chin” design)
Besides the regularly used power key, volume key on the lateral side, the entity shooting key is also specially installed, which can be only used for focus shooting and not enter to the shutter state via pressing the key for seconds.
                                      (the shooting key)
                                     (the battery and slot)
HIKe Phantom 2 is collocated with a 2000mAh battery, which is quite enough for MT6589 platform; as to the network, it supports the WCDMA and GSM dual-card standby. It owns the 16GB storage and supports the extra storage card expansion.
1080p HD video can be played smoothly
HIKe Phantom 2 processes Android 4.2.1 OS and make some developments in some parts such as the icons based on the original system. Moreover, the HIKe theme applications are preinstalled and the wallpaper, theme icons can be changed to your content. The individualized schemes are quite various.
                                         (the HIKe interface)

The system functions are just the combinations of original Android system and regular APP. Then we will see what is about the ability to play the HD videos.
                                     (the test result of the video playing)

Actually it’s quite satisfactory in this aspect because except that RMVB is not supported and occasional muteness occurs, most videos of kinds of formats can be played quite smoothly, therefore, it can be seen reliable.
The sample pictures taken by the 800W pixel display rear camera
HIKe Phantom 2 adopts the combination of 800W pixel rear camera and 500W pixel display front-facing camera. The particular camera adopts turntable operation. Besides, the leveling instrument is preinstalled. The popular beautifying function is also included.

HIKe Phantom 2 can also use the entity shooting key to realize focus and shoot pictures; then we shall view the sample pictures of the rear camera, which are in 4:3 proportion.
(focal distance:5mm;  aperture:f/2.8   ISO light sensitivity:116
exposure time:1/104     exposure redemption:OEV   white fucntion: auto)
(focal distance:5mm;  aperture:f/2.8   ISO light sensitivity:116
exposure time:1/169     exposure redemption:OEV   white fucntion: auto)
(focal distance:5mm;  aperture:f/2.8   ISO light sensitivity:119
exposure time:1/25     exposure redemption:OEV   white fucntion: auto)

(focal distance:5mm;  aperture:f/2.8   ISO light sensitivity:207
exposure time:1/99     exposure redemption:OEV   white fucntion: auto)
(focal distance:5mm;  aperture:f/2.8   ISO light sensitivity:183
exposure time:1/16     exposure redemption:OEV   white fucntion: auto)

The performance of HIKe Phantom 2 is almost the same with T1. The color and hue of several situations is quite good. The pictures taken in the weak light condition is also rather nice. In fact, the detailed performance of the 800W pixel display camera is not excellent. When they are magnified, the shortcomings are shown.
The analysis of the MT6589 processor and the conclusion
The MT6589 adopts ARMv7 instruction set, Cortex-A7 framework, quad-core 1.2GHz frequency, 28nm processing technology and built-in 1Mb L2 cache. Meanwhile, it’s also collocated with PowerVR SGX 5XT graphic processing chip with 357MHz frequency. MT6589 highly integrates multiple-mode UMTS Rel.8/HSPA+/TD-SCDMA modem, which supports various multimedia functions including the playing an d recording of 1080p 30fps/ 30fps videos with low power dissipation.
                         (the main parameter of MT6589)
Besides the functions, HIKe Phantom 2 is almost the same with the HIKe Phantom T1, which is still of the skin-texture back core in business style. Besides, the collocation of 500W and 800W pixel display cameras is also the highlight. To put it in a nutshell, it’s a phone with high quality and low price, which is worth purchasing.
Advantage:1 4.7-inch large-screen design and 720p resolution
2 good texture design of back core
3 the combination of 800W rear camera and 500W front-facing cameras
Disadvantage: UI is not delicate and accurate.

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