Monday, August 26, 2013

Iocean launch 6.44 inch new smartphones

Follow Iocean phone users are aware, after following the iocean X7, Iocean phone under a new product line is taking the big screen, the machine's screen size to 6.44 inches, almost close to the entry-level flat screen size, and also uses a level FHD 1920 * 1080 display resolution. When will release new product is one of many fans one of the greatest concern, recently officially released on August 28 there will be news of the mysterious events, the specific time for the 10:00, can not help but speculate whether this is a new machine upcoming big screen the.

In fact Iocean phones are not many new products this year, online only X7 a flagship product, but it has launched many versions, including 2G RAM elite version 1499 yuan price to attract the attention of many netizens, X7 series of price competitiveness, which is a lot of loyal fans look forward to the new Android smart phones machine causes. For new products, Iocean phone has been very strict secrecy, known only new products will be 6.44 inches 1080P Full HD screen, in addition to two real machine photos released, according to the photos can be learned, big screen machines styling Founder atmosphere, with ultra-narrow frame design, which greatly improved the screen accounted for, and is currently thickness is relatively slim.

In addition there is also another possibility, the official has previously released some Iocean beautiful girl photos, spend a few days ago and commercials appear in China Online Shopping Store, so on the 28th of the mysterious activity may also be associated with it. But from the 28th also are down three days time, then the answer will naturally come to light, the new machine, or other? Wait and see it.

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