Saturday, August 24, 2013

vivo Y19t Quad-Core Smart Phone Review

Since the vivo Y19t aims to be oriented to the female market, the color design permeates the feminine style. The size of vivo Y19t is of 129.8×65.8×7.42mm, which is extraordinarily thin and delicate. The 4.5-inch screen is applied, which is convenient for holding with just one hand.

ce7pFTWVj2o                                                   (the vivo Y19t phone)
The 4.5-inch screen resolution is of 960×540 and ppi is of 245, which though does not reach the standard of retina screen, it can have quite amazing display effect. Meanwhile, the application of IPS technology contributes to the approximate 180-degree ultra-wide visual angle.
ceZqZOxr5AFZY                                   (the virtual keys support the background light.)
Below the screen can we observe the pinhole-shape telephone receiver, light, proximate sensors as well as a 500W pixel display front-facing camera. What needs to be mentioned is that a flashlight is attached to the camera, which is rarely seen in the mobile phones, which further develops its shooting capability.
In the setting menus, the time span of the Android virtual key background light below the screen can be readjusted, but the light intensity is slightly dim.
The back core can be detached while the battery is not detachable.
As to the arrangement of the keys, all the surroundings of the phone are made used of, which is quite compact, With regards to the volume keys and power key, the design of concentric circles is applied should you observe it meticulously, which is rather beautiful.
ceQswAI8xo4M                                             (the earphone hole on the top)
cenwa13imYz1o                                                     (7.42mm thickness)
cehAo88jmXtyo                                                (the separate volume keys)
Although the metal material is not applied, it still gives off the elegant impression and the matte process can effectively keep it from the fingerprints. On the upper left corner can we see a 800W pixel display main camera with flashlight on the back core.
ceAS6w7iTShQ                                           (the back core of vivo Y19t phone)
cenDPsXlyeGbU                                             (the 800W pixel display main camera)
ceswJSnX49o                                              (the battery is not detachable.)
ceOsgKQAIgd3Q                                                          (the chip tray)
Though the back core can be detached, the built-in battery is not detachable. The official data says it’s of 2000mAh. The SIM card slot is located on the upper side of the back core. The chip tray upholds the Micro SIM card and Nano SIM card. In terms of the network, TD-SCDMA+GSM dual-card standby is supported. the micro SD card slot is located on the right hand.

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