Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Xiapmi mi3 China's fastest mobile phone

Xiaomi Mobile Phone can be said that the rapid release of a collection of high popularity. Xiaomi 3 is also the first time using the Tegra 4 and 800 processors Snapdragon dual-platform version, we featured is the mobile version of the aircraft, the aircraft uses a NVIDIA launched Tegra 4 processors.

Xiaomi 3 fuselage is equipped with a 5.0 inches touch screen with a resolution of 1920 * 1080p pixels, pixel density reached 441ppi. In addition, the back of the machine built a 13 million pixel camera.

Hardware configuration addition to the aforementioned Tegra 4 processor, it also supplemented 2GB RAM (operating memory), in addition it also uses the latest MIUI V5 (based on Android-depth development) system, has rich applications. In addition, it also supports ultra-sensitive touch technology, practicality great.

In addition Xiapmi 3 received a lot of audience participation is welcome, there are two Xiapmi TV in China Mobile Phones booth, visitors can experience our games for theater Xiapmi TV brings intelligence experience.

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