Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jiayu upcoming mysterious new machine named G2 Super

Jiayu phone recently launched three new confidential, in addition to a higher standard Jiayu S1 and Jiayu G5, the other is a mysterious model focus of attention, the mysterious new machine for the first time exposure will be targeting red rice phones, aimed in a more cost-effective to break the myth of red rice. Approaching release listing for more news mystical models pass out, this product may be in Jiayu G2 SUPER name.

The current machine's core configuration has been completely rendered. With the previous G series products, the new machine is equipped with MTK quad-core processor, but is the latest production of MTK MT6582, the main frequency of 1.3GHz, GPU replacement for ARM MALI-400MP, from running points of view, performance and Jiayu G4 the gap is not obvious.

The new machine is excellent in that level will be 1280 * 720 HD resolution compressed to within a 4.3-inch screen, PPI amazing, and joined the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 generations, unfortunately, is the same as for the cost of red rice considerations did not use OGS full lamination technique. Besides the mysterious machines have 1G RAM +4 G ROM memory, 200W +800 W pixel camera OV, 2200 mA battery. Some characteristics of the place is that the machine can support USB OTG, built-in magnetic sensors and independent audio chip, and the inside of the fuselage with a metal frame.

The phone prices are always our greatest concern, but also a place to attract everyone's attention, you can be sure that the phone's price will be 799 yuan or less. Some time ago the official price has been given vote, capped 749 yuan, the lowest 499 yuan, nearly 30 % of users want the new machine as long as 499 yuan- but this is clearly unrealistic, a conservative estimate price 600 level, not only to retain a reasonable profits, but also has a good competitive.

If there is no accident, then, the mysterious new machine's name is perhaps Jiayu G2 SUPER, can be intuitively understood as G2 super version for Jiayu in the China mobile phone market on a good situation, both inside and outside a comprehensive upgrade of G2 SUPUER undoubtedly G2 Series Highest exist.

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