Friday, November 22, 2013

The lowest price Neken NB eight-core smartphone

Recently a relatively hot news about the MT6592, the industry exposure of a China mobile phone manufacturers to launch price of 799 yuan eight-core phone, one time attracted everyone's hot in the face of intense competition in the market, price competition is also many manufacturers compelling choice, cost-effective strategies resorted to open market can be understood, but " exquisite workmanship " of 799 yuan eight-core phone is also worth watching.

In contrast, another grapevine Some appear to be more reliable, sources said recently allied with Ali Neken phone system will also launch eight-core products, and the price should be less than 900 yuan, can be said to be the lowest price in eight core smartphone.

Neken long been rumored to do eight-core phones appear as early as the end of July MediaTek MT6592 news just came out, Neken mobile phone announced through the official micro-Bo, Neken its eight-core products in development, and now the true eight-core has been officially released, various heroes scrambling own eight-core products will pull out of the sun look, when the news came Neken eight nuclear credibility greatly increased.

Neken new product has a more domineering than the NX name-Neken NB, with high-profile, will work hard in terms of differentiation, and hinted that the price may have surprises. Currently prelude to the nuclear age has opened eight new products are most likely to adopt MTK6592 platform also means Neken NB is the upcoming debut of the eight-core products.

Neken N6 the high-end version of sell like hot cakes and their own higher cost performance,  not unrelated, into electricity supplier for the channel near the brand, performance is good. So next product also has a killer price is not surprising, but the sale of 900 yuan less than the roadside clubs also belong to the rumors, wait and see.

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