Friday, November 29, 2013

UMI cross continue to optimize the sale postponed until December 10

Concerned UMI mobile phone about the latest products-UMI CROSS phone friends who may need to wait to buy this new machine, the official recently told the originally scheduled to open on December 1st starting time has been selling extended to December 10 resale, but because the machine has not yet been reached NFC functionality desired effect.

UMI CROSS is UMI phone recent masterpiece,Shortly before China Mobile Phones as a CROSS platform, set the big screen, complete with features and at a high, however, and to the CROSS latecomer more powerful, adds to the growing popularity of supports NFC feature, which is an important selling point of the machine. Facing the occasion by offering NFC commissioning effects lead to an extension failed to achieve the desired results, I believe that the official made ​​this decision after careful consideration when the inevitable.

UMI phone according to the argument, UMI CROSS even better than UMI X2 product, so they can see the machine uses the LDS antenna technology and metal frame, the screen using a low-temperature polysilicon LTPS technology, the state can not only touch button prompts, can also be synchronized with the heartbeat. Another addition to the new NFC-enabled aircraft is also equipped with an electromagnetic pen handwriting support, built-in Yamaha decoder chip and better speakers.

In addition to the above, UMI Cross still 6.44 inches 1080P Full fitting screen, using MTK6589T quad-core processor, 2G RAM+32 G ROM and 800w+1300 megapixel camera with high configuration, the battery capacity of 4180 mA, gyroscopes / Electronics compass / HALL switches and other sensors complete support W+ G dual card dual standby and OTG functionality.

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