Sunday, December 22, 2013

TCL idol X+ equipped with wearable devices and virtual keyboard
TCL Moible Phone new conference held in Beijing has confirmed will be released TCL idol X+ and wearable smart devices, which specifically what kind of answer is not ready to announce a new toy, we have speculated may be the very popular smart watches. Now, this speculation may not be the most accurate, the latest news shows, and TCL idol X+ simultaneously released a mysterious device or smart phones ring, and may be product-Boom Band cooperation with Baidu.

Now increasingly fast pace of life, people need to quickly grasp their health, Baidu series of intelligent devices around the " healthy living " as the theme, the latest version of Boom Band intelligence solutions and dulife bracelet other devices, provide monitoring and data analysis for the healthy life, and to give professional advice. Boom Band healthy bracelet can automatically identify the speed of walking or running on the sleep quality monitoring, and can record the weight / height and other physical information, according to data obtained by cloud computing gives reasonable improvement program.

TCL executives have made ​​it clear that the mysterious wearable device for the smart bracelet. Also has extensive accessories TCL Hero N3 has received the attention of many users, providing a higher playability, a few days ago came the news shows idol X+ may also have fun accessories launch a suspected exposure Andrews forum TCL idol X+ spy, will display the aircraft or avant-garde projection virtual keyboard equipped!

TCL idol X+ comes with a mysterious little device, the light projected from the device to form a " keyboard ", and we used the same physical keyboard, percussion virtual keys can be entered on the phone, through understanding, this laser virtual keyboard via Bluetooth connection with your phone, using electronic perception technology allows the laser beam projected keyboard image, the same operation with the ordinary keyboard and mouse functions can be achieved. Currently online virtual keyboard device has been sold, the higher the price.

Currently temporarily unable sure TCL idol X+ it really have this accessory, though trendy, but based on the consideration of portability, practicality of this feature is not high, while the average price of around $800 accessory, even with this feature, believe it is as wireless charging Tony TCL idol X S950 folders like that are optional accessories.

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