Wednesday, December 11, 2013

UMI Cross to create a glorious moment
UMI mobile phone launch a heavyweight smartphone UMI Cross, has a 3D printing, NFC, HIFI and other advanced technologies and high-end hardware equipment, once appeared, it wide attention. The first batch of 20,000 units were enthusiastic consumers looted, creating a brilliant time since UMI phone on sale!

UMI Cross as a large- screen phone, battery life is the biggest challenge, therefore, in batteries, using a large capacity battery up to 4180mAh for users to use escort. UMI Cross is also equipped with a range of peripheral products, such as mobile power (8800mAh), body protective sleeve and a NFC tag, user-friendly.

UMI Cross equipped MT6589Turbo quad-core processor, Cortex-A7 Ultra-low power architecture with 2GB large memory on+32 GB internal storage space, effectively ensure the machine running smoothly. In addition, UMI Cross rear camera uses stacked 1300W pixels camera, by far the most top Sony ExmorRS series sensor, 5 precision lens group, a special blue glass can effectively filter infrared imaging quality results better than UMI X2.

In order to ensure absolute stability signal, UMI Cross assembled antenna LDS laser laser technology (3D printing technology ). Talk in harsh environments, can still be assured of a stable signal. Audio on, UMI Cross integrated Yamaha audio decoder chip, equipped with top AAC speakers, watching movies or playing video games visual feeling quite shocking. UMI Cross also offers a variety of sharing, Wifi-display multi-screen interactive, user can UMI Cross sync video to the TV via WLAN or projector, and now ready to launch the eight-core phone UMI X2S also inherited this feature.

UMI Cross there is a unique feature is support for NFC wireless transmission, light touch, you can follow people around for file exchange, quick to use than traditional Bluetooth. You can also use NFC to credit card payments, you can take lightly touched on the subway, bus, and even shopping. But also according to different needs, set up to twenty kinds of scenarios. At home, in the Office of the company, in the car, gently touched on the activation of different lifestyles.

UMI Cross official price of 1,799 yuan, standard electromagnetic pen and triple Hall holster, very attractive. Currently the official opening time of purchase UMI given to every Tuesday and Friday, the quantity is limited, like big-screen entertainment experiences users to find out!

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