Monday, December 9, 2013

TCL idol X+ S960T equipped with eight-core processor clocked at up to 2G
TCL Moible Phone with MediaTek continued good cooperation over the years, has said TCL idol X+ will be the first mass market product, the recent news of a large number of aircraft to be exposed, but it has no mention of the specific information for the new machine hardware configuration. Recently a model for the TCL S960T new machine has been audited by the Ministry of Industry, regardless of type or appearance from each point of view, this phone should be the TCL idol X+ a. Most people are more concerned about the information on this phone to be exposed.

TCL idol X+ will be equipped with eight-core processor, while the main frequencies as high as 2GHz, this much unexpected. Think carefully about TCL idol X+ uses high-frequency version also evidence to be found before the true eight-core MT6592 conference has eight cores run the main frequency of 2GHz coming out, there are people in the industry said the MT6592 and later follow-up is not only the main 2G frequency version, more main frequency up to 2.3GHz version available to large customers. TCL Mobile relationship with MediaTek always harmonious, MTK pioneered high-frequency supply TCL eight-core version is also expected in the sense of things, but do not rule out subsequent TCL have a higher frequency of the main eight-core products to market.

In addition the Ministry of Industry data show that TCL idol X+ same S960T and TCL idol X S950 screen size is 5.0 inches, with 1920 * 1080 FHD levels of resolution, running memory to 2GB, the first listing is supposed to be TD versions, support for TD-SCDMA+ GSM dual sim dual standby. Camera, or 13 million-pixel high-definition camera, front camera may be higher than the idol X specifications.

Number of shots before the exposure of the real machine spy photos show, TCL idol X+, although can be seen as an upgraded version of TCL Hero N3, but the design has changed the former official has said the aircraft will still inferior to the former size measurements, Ministry data show that TCL idol X+ measurements for the 140.4 * 69.1 * 7.9mm, 140.4 * 67.5 * 6.99mm slightly wider idol X ratio of TCL, the thickness is also about 1 mm thick, if the data is correct, then means that TCL idol X+ battery capacity may TCL idol X S950 of 2000 mA bigger! Further strengthen endurance.

With the sketch still wearable smart devices, the official publication of the new machine appears this mysterious new show is probably a smart watch or bracelet, are more likely to watch some, TCL idol X+ and what not to wear the device will bring as the user experience is also one of the focuses of attention.

After entering the era of smart phones, TCL mobile phones a lot of bright spots born product, because of an issue in other aspects of differentiation, it led to the rising of TCL mobile phone shipments. Although he did not expect a 2GHz MT6592 phone would come so soon, but lead to more robust performance in the affirmative, the user must be excellent in terms of things that pass TCL will hold a formal press conference at the 18th of this month, TCL idol X+ whether the eight-core 2GHz processor and what would be the new progress, we will continue to focus on.

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