Saturday, January 18, 2014

UMI X3 eight-core 64G ROM equipped with original LG screen
UMI mobile phone upcoming X series-UMI X3, there are a lot of rumors coming out before this phone, historical information display, this phone uses a slim one-piece metal frame has a slim 7.2 mm in thickness and eight-core processors will use high configuration, the overall size is very powerful. UMI phone now official website quietly UMI X3 publicity pictures, while some of the latest news about the exposure X3 again, it seems X3 really coming.

UMI X3 or will be introduced in two versions, namely to support TD-SCDMA+ WCDMA 3G version and supports dual LTE version of 4G, 3G version will be the first dual meet with you. Dual 3G version will be equipped with 5.5 inches 1080P resolution screen, the machine will display the latest news LG Optimus G Pro uses the same screen, thanks to LG's leading position in the field of LCD panels, after G pro since birth, its screen performance times by the media and users, with high brightness, contrast and a wide viewing angle, the more important is to show the effect of extraordinary, UMI X3 selection and UMI X2S the same display, the display is definitely worth the wait.

In addition X3 there is a surprising change before the news that the version of the built-in dual 3G 2G RAM+32 G ROM memory, the current message is received that in order to meet everyone's pursuit of a large storage space, UMI X3's interior storage space will be up to 64GB! For general users, 32G already can no longer add another memory card, because UMI S1 is one of the molding process, can not be extended, so the vast increase to 64G fully meet the user's storage needs.

Official website exposure picture shows UMI X3 equipped with a new UI, cool transitions, from the details of style and semicircular auxiliary menu view, there may be TSF UI. TSF UI has a unique interface with a variety of cool plug-ins and other useful products TFS SHELL get a lot of users. And before this UMI X2, etc., etc. have been and Brush Wizard depth cooperation, create a rich user experience ROM available, presumably will bring a new system experience.

Up to now UMI X3 has demonstrated the qualities of a portion of the underlying quality products needed, 7.2 mm slim accommodate 3150 mA battery, and placed in the end portion of the dual speakers, etc. to show the progress of technology, the hardware part of the there are eight-core 2GHz main frequency MTK6592, 5.5 inches LG LTPS 1080P resolution display, 2G RAM+64 G ROM's large memory and 14 million pixel camera and so on, more in-depth customization system.

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